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Picking the Perfect Dog Shampoo

Ingredients that you should avoid

Every dog has its needs and since you can find a sweeping array of products appropriate for them, not all of these products are created equal. Some of them have ingredients that can only harm the dog’s skin rather than do the opposite.

When you are out shopping for dog shampoo, make sure you double check the label’s listed ingredients before you make your purchase. Avoid artificial dyes and fragrances as these ingredients can only irritate the dog’s skin and eyes. What you should go for are those with natural fragrances like citrus, eucalyptus, lavender, and chamomile.

Always remember that you should never use conditioners or shampoos that are formulated for humans. Human skin is less sensitive compared to dogs and the shampoos used for humans are designed to wash off the wax and natural oils off the hair. This is fine for human use, but it will irritate the dog’s skin, causing it to get dry and flaky. It can also cause the coat to get brittle and dull as well.


If your pooch is a puppy, opt for shampoo that is formulated for them. perfect dog shampooThey have gentler ingredients and has a no-tear formula that does not irritate when it gets in your pooch’s eyes.

Fleas and ticks

The market is filled with a variety of tick and flea products in the market which is designed to eradicate ticks, fleas and other pests from your dog’s skin. Shampoos formulated for this purpose only provide short-term protection. Which is why you have to use this kind of shampoo only when you use it with other flea and tick product prevention.

Extra Shine

Failing health and poor diet are two factors that can make your dog’s hair lifeless and dull. Don’t worry; you can still restore it to its healthy look by using a nourishing shampoo filled with proteins, vitamins, and minerals.


Dogs are prone to find their way scouring into food, garbage and those mysterious substances that got you thinking what kind of odor it emits. When faced with this kind of adventurous dogs, experts recommend the deodorizing shampoo. These kind of shampoos are very powerful that it can eliminate any unpleasant odor instead of just covering it up with a scent that will only last for a short while.


There is dog hair that gets tangled or dry up easily. If your pet dog is like this, you might want to consider getting a shampoo and conditioner in one that will restore the moisture of your dog’s hair and maintain it easily. For dogs with stubborn tangles or frizzy locks, try using a separate conditioner after you have shampooed your dog’s coat. This will replenish the lost natural oils from shampooing and also aids in detangling its hair.


Dogs that got light-colored hair, including the white-colored ones, there are shampoos specially designed for them that contain whiteners and brighteners that will prevent it from fading and yellowing and at the same time boosting its luster.


If you want to wash your dogs on the go, opt for wipes and waterless shampoos. They are perfect to use if you’ve got a pet dog that is particularly scared of getting wet with running water.