Feeding Pets on Passover – Pesach Cat Food: Removing all Chametz Means Feeding Cats Kosher for Passover Food

The coming of Passover requires that all chametz be removed from the home. Chametz is not allowed to be eaten, owned or benefited from in any way during the eight nights and days of Pesach. The question then remains as to how to feed the family cat when commercially produced cat foods often contain wheat, spelt, rye, oats, barley or a combination thereof.

Although chametz is strictly forbidden, foods that are considered kitniyot by the Ashkenazi are still allowed to remain in the home. It is also allowed to benefit from the use of kitniyot foods such as rice, beans, corn, peas, buckwheat, millet and other grains and vegetables. While these cannot be used for human consumption, they are acceptable foods to feed the family cat during Passover.

There are many options to feeding the family cat during Passover. Certain commercially produced foods are allowed as long as they meet the requirements, Kosher for Passover pet food is available in some areas, and there is the option to preparing homemade cat food meeting the requirements of Pesach.

Purchased Canned and Dry Cat Foods Allowed

According the Star-K kosher certification, most commercial cat foods are not allowed during Pesach, however certain brands and varieties are allowed as long as they do not contain chametz. The Star-K compiles a list of varieties that are suitable for Passover use; however it only applies to products manufactured in the United States. 

The Star-K cannot guarantee the same products made outside of the U.S. are free from chametz contamination. It is also necessary to thoroughly read the labels of the products to ensure they do not contain chametz or a combination of dairy and meat products. The following list may change each year and will be updated yearly as information becomes available.

Passover suitable commercial cat foods include:

  • Evangers – varieties containing CRC approval
  • Friskies – several canned varieties only, dry varieties are not suitable
  • Prescription Diet – 11 varieties
  • Science Diet – 14 dry varieties
  • Royal Canine Veterinary Diet – dry Green Peas & Duck and gel Duck only

Prepared Kosher for Passover Cat Food

Kosher Pets offers Kosher for Passover cat food in a limited number of states. Customers are not able to directly order from the company website, although the website does offer an extensive list of stores that carry their products.

Additionally, the Kosher Pets cat food is available to order online from outside companies. A complete list of ordering options is available on the Kosher Pets website.

Preparing Homemade Kosher for Passover Cat Food

The best option for feeding the family cat during Passover is to make homemade cat food. Homemade cat food not only ensures the cat is receiving quality food made with quality ingredients, it ensures no mistakes are made which could violate the laws of Passover.

Homemade cat food can be made using any kityinot ingredients along with other foods that are free of chametz. In preparing cat food for Passover, it is important to keep the cat’s personal taste preferences in mind when choosing ingredients.

Cat food can be easily made from many Kosher for Passover human food including rice, cottage cheese, tuna fish, salmon, chicken, turkey, matzah ball soup, eggs and any number of other ingredients.

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