Making Organic Cat Food and Holistic Pet Food for Cats

When preparing holistic pet food for cats, it is important to include high quality protein in a simple, wholesome and unprocessed form for cat nutrition. Providing healthy cat food, ensures that pets receive the right supplements and ingredients that are chemical free. It's important to read the label of cat product you're buying. There’s nothing like a home cooked meal where cat owners can control what goes into the organic cat foods they feed their pets. Homemade organic cat foods contain only the best ingredients and may be adjusted to suit each cat’s health and personality.

Prepare a Lightly Cooked Organic Cat Food for Best Cat Nutrition

Although many advocates of homemade pet foods recommend feeding a raw diet, some people prefer offering their pets a premium cat food diet that is cooked. The following recipe for lightly cooked, organic cat food makes fourteen, half-cup portions, that may be frozen and thawed as needed.

  • 3 lbs. Organic, boneless meat or poultry (lightly cooked chicken, beef, rabbit or turkey work best)
  • 1-2 cups water or broth, depending on the consistency the cat prefers.
  • 2 1/2 Tbsp. olive oil
  • 4 oz. Organic chicken liver
  • 10 oz. Organic mixed vegetables (cooked green beans, carrots, peas and zuccini)
  • 5 oz. Grain (cooked rice, pasta, oats or barley)
  • 2000 mg Salmon oil
  • 400 IU Vitamin E (powdered in capsules)
  • 100 mg Vitamin B complex
  • 2000 mg Taurine
  • 2 1/5 oz. Powdered bone meal (If bones are included in the recipe, eliminate the bone meal powder.)

Prepare the natural cat food recipe in the following manner, cooking over medium heat. Cool the mixture when cooking is complete and divide into fourteen, 1/2 cup portions that may be frozen.

  • Lightly cook the meat or poultry for healthy cat food by boiling in enough water just to cover the food. Cool when cooking is done, remove the meat and keep the broth.
  • Place the meat into a food processor or meat grinder and process into a fine paste. If bones from poultry are included, grind them to no larger than 1/8 inch in length to avoid injuring the cat's throat and digestive tract.
  • Cook the vegetables in the broth from the meat and drain broth into another bowl. Process the vegetables with the cooked grain and mix together with the meat. Some cats, especially those that are older or who have lost teeth prefer a smooth textured food, while others like something to chew. The best consistency is one the cat will eat and it takes a little experimenting.
  • Add the olive oil and powered ingredients to the homemade, healthy cat food mixture. Add enough broth to make a moist paste. Since many cats don't drink much water, additional broth may be added to give the cat extra liquid in her diet.
  • Chicken livers may be cooked and added to the premium cat food mix, or for a special treat, process them raw and pour them over the top of the final mixture of healthy cat food.
  • Experiment with the vegetables used to find a balance of flavors and cat nutrition. Include peas or zucchini for flavor and fiber in a premium cat food recipe. Powdered ingredients and vitamins are available in health food stores and online.

Offering cats tasty, healthy cat food meals helps to keep them in superb condition and supports their immune systems enabling them to stay healthy. Additionally, a healthy diet will help keep cats free of fleas and other pests. 

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